Saturday, July 22, 2006

big collages

i love working on this 3oo lb. watercolor paper!
you can do anything. glue, paint, scratch, (did i say glue?)
it comes 22 " x 30", i get it in a five pack at the local art store. Lenz Arts . such a deal. I used to work there about 20 years ago. Glad it's still around. Nice to be able to run out and find some obscure art product when you need it. Support your local art store!!!

my friend dale took these photos when he was here last week.
i took him to my studio at 17th ave.
we share a passion for great art materials.
we met over 20 years ago in Baileys Crossroads VA when I took a retail job at a local art store after art school.
this sign was made with my favorite brush that finally broke and some very old letraset.
anyone remember letraset?

the studio is getting cluttered.

more assemblages in progress.


Lindsay said...

the studio looks GREAT--did you know that Bailey's Crossroads was once my local mall??

i love paper you can scratch--I used to use this super thick rice paper that was dreamy like that...

i can't wait to see the studio in person.

Anonymous said...

Letraset was so cool! I actually have one of the plastic sets of drawers in the garage for storing sand paper; different grit in each drawer.