Monday, May 29, 2006

the pups

maxx and i went on a road trip this winter, this is our stop at the grand canyon .

amber is my girl dog. they found her behind PETSMART on river street, she was less than 8 pounds when i adopted her, she loves to wag her tail, and wants all the attention.

little misha is a funny dude, he will be 4 soon, and seems to be mellowing out a bit. i had a tough time with him, we went to puppy school, but he did graduate, and he always makes me laugh.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

my art table

this used to be my kitchen table. i got it at cost plus about 7 years ago. keep thinking i will sand it off and use it in the dining room again, but it hasn't happened yet.

maybe when i move to the new studio. or maybe i will take it with.
life is a mystery, after all.

time for sopranos.

my favorite glues

these are the adhesives i use on a daily basis. hot glue guns work, but can also burn your fingers! ouch!
my personal favorite is Liquitex Gloss Medium . it leaves a shine if you put it on the surface- we like that.
you can also make image transfers with it. i learned about this at the SEDONA ARTS CENTER while taking a workshop led by Gretchen Bierbaum, President and Founder of the National Collage Society.

sometimes i'll use a rolling pin to get the paper to lay flat on the panel. a printing press would also do the trick.

dreaming of caye caulker

didn't get back to the island yet this year. too many health issues.
i miss swimming with the sharks.

random thoughts

still here with no water. started gluing refrigerator magnets in my collages. thinking of these as design experiments.
basing each on a color. reminds me of crayons .